*Basically, the application form and teaching is Japanese.
*Our karate don't practice for the competition only.
Mainly,it aims to discipline by KATA and KIHON.

Secondary,trainning KUMITE, wearing the protector.
*If you are going to trial training, please No photo.
*When you join the trial, it does not matter you wear some sports clothes(If the dougi, please wearing white belt.)

@Reisyokan Karatedo get started.
Reisyokan Karatedo was founded in 2006 at a total of 6 Dojo (training places)- Kasai Dojo at Edogawa-ku(Ward) and 5 Dojo at Setagaya-ku Ward, all in Tokyo.

@You can do training for trial.
New students of all ages ? young children to adults- are welcome. Visitors and Observers are also welcome. Please feel free to drop by and talk to our students and instructors. Whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner, you are very welcome to attend trial classes!

Parents who enrolled their kids in Reishokan and also enroll themselves can enjoy the privilege of discount of their monthly dues!

Why donft you learn Karate with your kids!

@<Qualifications of new members>
*Ages 3 to 70
*Anyone who is interested in Karate
*Anyone who is in sympathy with Reisyokanfs philosophy and goals
*Parents who want their kids to strengthen their self-reliance
*In good health both physically and mentally to do relatively hard training. Without ANY infection.
* No relation with any anti-social organization such as gangsters or crime syndicates
* No criminal record.

@<About Fees>
Please contact.

*Ranking exams are held 3 times a year.
Different Kyu ranks wear different colors of belt.
Rank Belt color
10, 9 Kyu Blue
8,7 Kyu Yellow
6,5 Kyu Green
4,3 Kyu Purple
2,1 Kyu Blown
1st Dan and above Black

When the result is successful, exam fees and cost of a new belt are paid after the test.

Reishokan holds about 2 tournaments a year and the Federations hold about 10 tournaments a year.
Prize winners will receive a certificate, medal or trophy.
Rishokan offers a variety of events such as a summer camp, Christmas party, special training courses and the like.
(Costs are paid in advance)
You can show up for class in any other Dojo besides Dojo you belong to without paying addsitional dues.

<Steps of application>
You can visit and try to class up to 2times in total. (But I cannot accept the person that have not a motive of becoming a member.)

You may observe or attend trial classes 2 times for free.

Please see the gClass Scheduleh section for times and locations

Let us know when and which Dojo you are coming down in advance by mail or by phone.

Please bring loose fitting exercise clothing, drinks and a towel

You can attend a class or sit in. Please come to the class about 5 minutes prior to class start time.

You can attend a class once again. Please apply admission if you like to.

Now you are a member of Reishokan and are entitled to take our classes, 4days after you pay the cost.

About telephone, I cannot give you an immediate answer by phone if I was not at home. (answering machine)
About Email, Please write "Reisyokan Karate" in title.
Please note that I may not be answered if addressee, sender or meaning was not clear.
About Outlook, Please mail by your software for email if you were not usually used Outlook because it may not be set exactly.

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