The main aim of Reishokan Karatedo lies in the perfection of the human character, not only in the acquisition of skills in punches and kicks. Reishokan Karatedo is gthe way of self-disciplineh, placing great importance on self-conquest, affection for others and etiquette or courtesy.

  Students naturally develop these qualities by steps and stages through regular class practice, not learn them as mere knowledge. Keeping on with their training for a long period of time even at a slow pace brings students greater self-confidence in the future. They are not expected to concern too much for the results of Tournaments or Grading.

 As we emphasize Kata(Forms) training, all the family can practice together. In Kumite(Sparring) students fight in a points-winning system, having protectors on, so that even younger children are safe to do Sparring practice.

Considering the current increase of atrocious crimes, Reishokan also teaches self-defense techniques that will work in real life to avoid dangerous situations.

 Students of all ages and both sexes, ranging from 3, 4 to 70 in age strive to achieve their aims according to their own fitness level. Reishokan is very family oriented, parent and child showing up for class together, working up a good sweat, parent teaching child, sometimes vice versa. Wefve received lots of positive feedback; one testimonial- gA Dogi or Karate uniform created a new bond among all the family and a pleasant atmosphere in my home.h

We believe Karate can be a vehicle for positive change.

We hope people try to cultivate their mind and become positive, respected and contributing members of society in the 21st century, through the practice of Karatedo Martial Art.

 The Chinese character Rei in our name Reishokan means courtesy and the character Sho literally means soaring high. We name it so in the hope that students go out into the world or serve their community, having a sense of decency.

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